Thursday, September 16, 2010

Google Apps is changing

You've probably heard that Google is about to make more of its services available to organizations with Google Apps accounts. We're ready for early adopters who accept the current feature limitations to transition to our new infrastructure for Google Apps accounts. Here is what this means for you:
• In addition to the core suite of messaging and collaboration applications, your users may now access many more Google services with their Google Apps accounts. Learn more
• Currently you will not have the ability to disable additional services as you can today with the core Google Apps suite, but this capability will be added soon. If you need the ability to disable any of the additional services please do not transition at this time.
• Important materials and notices for your users are currently only available in the English versions of Google products. If you have users who may be using non-English versions of Google products, do not transition at this time.
This update is free, and Google will automatically make the transition for you this Fall. In most cases, though, we think you'll want to step through the transition wizard yourself and actively communicate the forthcoming changes to your users. You can move everyone to the new infrastructure today, or you can try out the new account services with selected pilot users. Learn more

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Java Me from Childhood to Robinhood - Online Book by CodeGlober Joji George(xpedition)

We are happy to inform you that our CodeGlober Joji George, published his first book on Java ME as online. The first part of the book is now released.

This book is mainly written to those who are interested in Java Me programming. I think it will help you to begin Java ME from scratch.
This book contains 9 chapters .

Author : Joji George

Go to Java Me from Childhood to Robinhood

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