Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Zion SMS


Zion SMS 1.1 Beta is an application used to send your txt files stored in your external or internal phone memory.
You just need to browse and locate the text file that you wish to send.
After locating you can also modify that file.Then click done the text file is now ready to send.
Put recipient's address and click send.
Then wait for a while to verify that whether the message has been send or not.
It is mainly designed to send txt files in your mobile,you can place text files(file with extension .txt) in your mobile
from a PC or u can use 'ZION PLUS' editor.
I recommended you to store your files in the other(in external memory) because its quick search feature allows you to search for files in that folder,so you can easily locate your desired file.Note:This quick search is mainly designed for sony ericsson users.
You can try this application by clicking the following link.If you like this application post your comments to
e-mail:xpedition009@gmail.com or send an SMS to 09496340837,you will get the registration number.

Download Zion SMS Beta

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