Monday, October 19, 2009

Zion Dengon 1.0 Beta

Redefine the way of SMS ing...Download.

Zion Dengon is an application that allows you to send messages in two ways
1.Using normal way.
2.Using way2sms account(you need GPRS enabled phone)

The key features and functionalities
1.You can maintain your own contact list and from those contact you can select multiple users and add to your message recipients.
2.It is the modifed version of Zion SMS Mania and combined version of Zion SMS and Zion SMS Mania.
2.You can add your contact member in two ways
a)By using the add contact option
b)By browsing your phone contact
I prefer the first way in this case you just need to enter the name of the person and if his/her number is already in your phone contact you have option to browse that number,and then you can add it to the Zion Dengon contact.
In the second way you don't need to type anything,just select the contact list that exist in your phone shown in the multi selection list,you feel this as more easy but actually it is more time consuming.
Note:Never add all the contacts at a a time(in option b) it will take more time to do and show in list.

For more details

Enjoy SMS ing..

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  1. i downloaded and used
    i would like to give a big hand.

    regards vimal



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