Friday, October 9, 2009

Zion Plus-2010(Beta)

Manage text files in your mobile phone in a more flexible manner..Download.

A new release of previous version of Zion Plus..More functionalities and a new look..useful and flexible than the previous version..try it today itself..

Its a Beta version modifications and performance issues will be updated in the coming versions..

An application that allows you to create text files in phone memory and memory card. If you want to create folder in your mobile through this application edit the "directoy" field,shown when you choose save or save as option. for eg: the directory field shows -"file:///e:/folderx/" you can create a folder "NEWFOLDER"in that directory by changing the field by "file:///e/folderx/NEWFOLDER/" You can specify the file name in the filename textbox,default name will be newfile. Help menu to assist you in how to use this application.


  1. Great Application, Need more from you

  2. it really rocks yaar.
    keep it up , its really far better than the previous!

  3. good application i really like it
    keep it up



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