Saturday, February 14, 2009

Installing Ruby on Rails on Windows


What is Ruby ?
Ruby is a dynamically typed,interpreted,reflective object oriented programming language.

What is Rails ?
Rails is an add-on to Ruby programming language which contains a library, scripts for generating parts of application, and much more. We dont add Ruby on top of Rails, rather Rails framework is an add-on to the Ruby programing language.

Download a recent version of Ruby package that is marked stable(Download Here). After downloading is completed, install Ruby.In this installation you will also get an editor(SciTE). After installation type "irb" in your command prompt, which provides a prompt as below :
eg : >puts "hello" will give you the output hello
NB :type "exit" to exit from irb.

If you want to check whether the installation is correct, type "dir c:\ruby\bin\irb*" in command prompt. In response we get irb and irb.bat. IF not then re-install ruby.

Now comes the installation of rails which require a internet connection. take command prompt and type
> gem install tails -r -y

-r specifies gem to install rails remotely and
-y specifies gem to install supported programs that are needed by rails in order to work properly.

NB:You can get help using "ri" in command prompt eg :ri times

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