Friday, February 6, 2009

What is Web analytics or Web Matrices?

Web analytics is the process of collecting data about the activities of people accessing your website (i.e. visitors), how they found you, when they visited, what pages they looked at, what they bought or downloaded and so on, and mining that data for information that can be used to improve your website. In general, Web analytics is the detailed statistics about the visitors to a website.

Also we can say that Web analytics is the study of the behavior of website visitors. In a commercial context, web analytics especially refers to the use of data collected from a web site to determine which aspects of the website work towards the business objectives; for example, which landing pages encourage people to make a purchase.

Users of Web analytics can define and track conversions, or goals. Goals might include sales, lead generation, viewing of a specific page, or download a particular file. By using this tool, marketers can determine which ads are performing, and which are not, as well as find unexpected sources of quality visitors.

There are two main technological approaches to collecting web analytics data. The first method called logfile analysis reads the log files in which the web server records all its transactions. The second method called page tagging, uses JavaScript on each page to notify a third-party server when a web browser renders a page or it may be hybrid type. If you want to know more about web analytics and creating your own web analytic system Please visit our blog again our next article on web analytics give you idea about how to create a web analytics system i.e Website visitor tracking.
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