Friday, February 6, 2009

Mail forwarding in Gmail or setting Gmail as primary mail

It is common now a days to have multiple email ids(from different mail providers like gmail yahoo etc.) . Here comes the need for mail forwading where you can use gmail facility to forward all mails from different mailboxes in to your gmail Inbox or to any other mail providers Inbox(in this case only mails in gmail inbox will be forwaded). If you have multiple gmail ids use one gmail account as primary mail, forward all mail from all your gmail account to a single gmail account its very easy.then you only need to check one gmail account.
For doing this you have to configure your gmail account.
Mail forwarding is free in gamil and its paid one in yahoo mail.

Step 1: Goto Settings in Gmail

Step 2:Select Forwarding POP/IMAP tab

Set your Primary mail id in forwarding field, you can also have option to keep a copy in gmail inbox.

Step 3: Save settings your forwarding activated.

You can also forward some of your mail using Mail filter.

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